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Return to Work

Absence solutions has been a service provision for large companies, but this is no longer the case especially with legislation and an increase in compensation claims. It is now more apparent than ever that small and medium sized businesses should have access to this service for their employees. With a vast amount of experience, we have built up a wealth of first-hand experience and knowledge providing advice to many client companies in many different business sectors.

Guidance from ISO 45003 guidelines states that rehabilitation and return-to-work programmes should provide appropriate support to workers experiencing negative impact of exposure to psychosocial hazards, including where this has resulted in absence from work. We can help your organisation design these programmes, taking into account that workers can be at increased potential for exposure to psychosocial risks as part of the return to work process. An example is for work adjustments to facilitate return to work which could be changes to work tasks, relationships and social interaction, supervision, work culture, and perceptions of achievement and value at work. The potential for increased exposure to psychosocial risks applies to workers who are returning to work regardless of the reason for their absence. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

With this service you will be able to manage unplanned absence, poor performance and increase attendance and employee engagement in your workplace.

Our Return to Work solutions include:

  • Guidance and assistance in the management of unplanned, short, medium and long-term sickness absence from stress and with a clear planned return-to-work, and appropriate adjustments and rehabilitation. This can be working closely with occupational health. For information on Return to Work training course available more details

  • Telephone support to businesses, managers and HR around the most appropriate course of action.

  • Provision of support for you and your staff to achieve best output results while enabling employees with health issues to remain in post.  

  • Our Coaching programmes are a positive experience for employees - more information

  • We can provide counselling services through one of our partners and this can be within a matter of days in some instances.  

With many years of practical experience to identify factors contributing to ill health from stress-related conditions in the workplace, we can recommend preventative or corrective strategies and ensure a healthy working environment with safe working practices.

Case Study

An example of advice recently was an IT company had a member of staff absent for 4 weeks and wished advice as it was due to excessive stress from a personal issue. The staff member was under a lot of stress and our consultant had a consultation with the staff member.

A clear return to work plan was recommended which included some reasonable adjustments (shorter working days was one of the recommendations) and a Stress Risk Assessment (SRA) should be completed. We were able to give advice and full support around completion of the SRA. However, due to total breakdown in communication with senior management, the consultant was asked to carry out a SRA and a structured, tailored return to work plan was agreed.

If the company had not accessed our service, then the member of staff would have been absent for a much longer time and this would have had an impact on the company as well as the team they were working in.

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