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Psychosocial Risk Audit

Discover our Psychosocial Risk Service.
With our many years of experience we can support you carrying out a Psychosocial Risk Audit. We can work with you and deliver the audit with a full report and key recommendations.
Another option, is for YSM Solutions to carry out the audit and you can have the results without the report.
Psychosocial Audit Overview.
To prevent stress and psychosocial risks, it is essential to identify the root cause of stress within your organisation. Employers have a legal duty to protect employees from stress at work by doing a risk assessment and taking effective action. As with any other workplace hazard, if employers fail to adequately protect their employees from work-related stress, HSE could investigate and take enforcement action if appropriate.
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Data and Statistics
What do you have in place?

Your company or organisation will currently have data relevant to employee health such as sickness absence statistics, accident, statistics, health and safety, risk register. We can help you with your current data and how it can be used to identify hazards, risk levels and strategies for a psychologically safe workplace. Get in touch for a free assessment here
Something else
about the service

The survey can be stress and based on the HSE 35 questions and can include engagement and/or wellbeing.

Please note the psychosocial survey is longer and covers more areas. As a starting point, it would be useful to attend the ISO 45003 training.
More details to follow:
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