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Wellbeing Coaching

Discover our Wellbeing Coaching Service
Wellbeing coaching leads to a thriving, healthier and happier workforce. When you Invest in wellbeing coaching, this will help prevent stress and burnout in the workplace with increased engagement and productivity.
Wellbeing Coaching is an evidence-based approach to building wellbeing and resilience. We work with companies and help in supporting people to live the lives they want, as fully as possible. Our Wellbeing Coaches run one-to-one sessions by telephone, delivering interventions to help build resilience, develop healthy coping strategies, and improve wellbeing and quality of life. Sessions can involve guided self-help, with interventions such as goal setting, challenging thoughts, time management, relaxation and breathing techniques. Some examples are on the diagram further down the page of topics which can be covered during coaching sessions.
Our feedback finds that coaching is a positive, proactive experience to enable employees to improve their health and this in turn will reduce absenteeism and presenteeism.
Try it and see the positive experience your employees will have.
Service Overview
For workplaces, we offer a half-day (3 hours) or full-day (6 hours) service and this is carried out virtually to protect confidentiality. There is a minimum commitment of monthly sessions for six months. You can also purchase courses of six weekly sessions for individual employees and this can be a useful way to find out how well it works for individuals.

Our coaches provide remote coaching and this can be on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis or as often as is required. It can be part of a Health and Wellbeing strategy.

Benefits from coaching are achieved by addressing some of these issues: General Health, Mental Health, Physical  activity, Sleep, Nutrition, Personal & Professional Development. We know that people can have a health problem which can lead to an impact on their attendance and possibly job performance. Coaching can be a great and a supportive alternative to help employees improve their overall outlook on life.

Returning to Work

When one of your staff has been off for a period of time, it is useful to organise coaching to help them feel more supported and help them on the path to a more positive outcome especially when they may have lost their confidence in their ability to carry out their job.
Something else about
wellbeing coaching

Wellbeing coaching will help empower employees to improve their health and quality of life with knowledge, skills and confidence to make necessary lifestyle and behavioural changes. This will lead to happier and more productive employees.

Some examples are over on the diagram of topics which can be covered during coaching sessions.


“I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help that you had given me. You helped me immensely on a personal level and a professional level. I will carry your excellent advice and superb attitude throughout my life personally and within my organisation.

I feel I am in the perfect position within my organisation, especially that I have now been offered a new role.  I feel this is a suitable position that helps me develop my own strengths as a person and as a professional.

I don’t know what I would have done if I never had all the support that I received from yourself so thank you once again for everything.”. Sylvia, Charity Manager

"Having somone listen and allow me time to think about how my situation could be changed has helped me enormously. I feel much more confident and happier in myself especially at work".

"This was my first time being coached and I felt so relaxed once the coach put me at ease. I would recommend it highly to everyone as it helped me gain the confidence to look for promotion which I did get. A huge thanks to my coach and for her patience".
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