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Creating a Thriving Workplace

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Published in wellbeing, health, work, mental health · Thursday 06 Apr 2023
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We work with organisations to create a thriving workplace. In a thriving workplace, leaders and employees will have good mental, physical and emotional health. A psychologically healthy and safe workplace is one that promotes employees’ psychological wellbeing and proactively aims to prevent harm to employee mental health. We will support you to address risk factors and create a psychologically healthy and safe workplace.

Prevent harm from psychosocial hazards - Psychosocial hazards are increasingly recognised as major challenges to health, safety and well-being at work. Psychosocial hazards relates to how work is organised, social factors at work and aspects of the work environment, equipment and hazardous tasks. Psychosocial hazards can be present in all organisations and sectors, and from all sorts of work tasks, equipment and employment arrangements.

Psychosocial hazards can occur in combination with one another and can influence and be influenced by other hazards. Psychosocial risk relates to the potential of these types of hazards to cause several types of outcomes on individual health, safety and well-being and on organisational performance and sustainability. It is important that psychosocial risks are managed in a manner consistent with other OH&S (Occupational Health and Safety) risks, through an OH&S management system, and integrated into the organisation’s broader business processes.

Protect physical and psychological health
Having a work environment where employees' psychological safety is ensured with a preventive approach to stress and psychosocial risks at work leading to a thriving workforce. In a thriving organisation, the mental health of all employees is supported and protected and this can also impact on physical health. Organisations have a legal obligation to protect employees from risks to mental and physical harm, as far as is reasonably practicable. Regulatory bodies such as HSE recommend good work design which reduces excessive demands experienced by employees. This is a clear way for employers to protect worker mental health.

Promote wellbeing at work
A thriving organisation protects employees from psychological harm and provides an environment which embraces the development of positive mental health and fulfilment. In a thriving workplace, all can experience positive and effective wellbeing - physical, mental, social and cognitive needs and expectations of a worker related to their work. Promoting wellbeing at work relates to all aspects of working life, and this includes work organisation, social factors at work, work environment, equipment and hazardous tasks.

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