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Minute Taking - new course

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This half day course is suitable for anyone responsible for taking and writing up accurate minutes of a meeting, either formal or informal. This course is an interactive course with exercises, practical sessions for participants to complete key points of a written report.  There will be group and individual exercises to help with learning.      

Outline Programme:
▪ Explain different types meetings - formal and informal
▪ Describe the minute takers role and responsibilities
▪ Describe good listening skills
▪ Explain agenda preparation and meeting minutes
▪ The role of the chair
▪ Taking meeting minutes and writing them in the appropriate way
▪ Identify important and pertinent points from the discussion
▪ Produce accurate and timely minutes

By the end of the course each delegate will be able to:
▪ Explain how to arrange an agenda and set up a meeting with full attendance
▪ Prepare to take minutes of a meeting
▪ Take meeting minutes
▪ Write up the minutes timely and effectively
▪ Produce clear and accurate minutes and distribute with action points
▪ Use a minute taking template

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Cost includes handouts, tips

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