Effectively Managing sick leave and return to work

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Effectively Managing sick leave and return to work

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Published in wellbeing, health, work, mental health · Wednesday 22 Jan 2020
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We were recently asked for an appointment with our Occupational Health Adviser by a local company. The individual had been off sick for one month and had now returned to work but was struggling as she had long-term health conditions which her employer was aware of but did not know how to manage the return to work process.
We were able to advise management and the individual around the return to work process, reasonable adjustments and to carry out a risk assessment.

There are several laws which employers should be aware of when managing sickness absence and the return to work process. These include the Equality Act, the Employment Rights Act and the Health and Safety at Work etc Act.

Employers should have up-to-date policies and procedures on managing sickness absence and employees and representatives should be aware of these.

As an employer/manager it is important that there is a proactive approach to managing sickness absence.
    • Managers should be trained how to manage sickness absence and an effective return to work plan
    • Always keep in touch with employees who are off sick by whatever means is the most appropriate (failure to do this can lead to a total breakdown in communication)
    • Record and monitor sickness absence and identify reasons for absence and trends
    • Manage risk effectively
    • Ask for professional advice on reasonable workplace adjustments and fitness to work to help workers have a smooth and effective return to work. Adjustments could be reduced days, reduced hours, flexible working and this is in accordance with policies
YSM Solutions provide an absence management service and referrals can be as a one-off or as a contract/retainer. https://www.ysmsolutions.co.uk/absence-management-sickness-absence.html

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