Have you a clear and clean desk policy?

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Have you a clear and clean desk policy?

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Published in wellbeing, health · Friday 04 Oct 2019
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We all spend a lot of time at our desks from first thing in the morning right through to the end of the working day. Some even have their breaks and lunch at the desk with food getting in between the computer keys and it is not easy to get cleaned after that. Germs actually multiply at an incredible rate on our desks and some desks have more bacteria than the toilet seat in offices.

We cannot get infections (or extremely rare) from a toilet seat but we can from our desk which does seem unbelievable. Toilets and wash hand basins get cleaned at least once a day and maybe more often.

The telephone can harbour a lot of bacteria especially if you are eating and drinking whilst speaking on the phone. It is good to have a packet of disinfectant wipes and give a clean to your handset and the base of the phone, the whole desk, your computer and if you use a mouse that also. Aim to clean on a regular basis (unless you are in the fortunate position of someone cleaning it for you).

Other areas which harbour bacteria are photocopiers, printers, door handles and push buttons. Make sure that these are cleaned on a regular basis and this can be part of a health and wellbeing initiative within your workplace.

Start the week or end the week with a clean and clear desk and you will feel so much better - all ready for the week ahead. You will also be able to find papers etc especially as they have a specific place. It is good to get into a routine of being tidy - not easy so I will need to go off and tidy my desk.

This in turn will lead to you being healthier and those around having a cleaner and healthier environment.   

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